Dag Yeshiwas

I'm currently studying Computer Science at Virginia Tech. I'm also a freelance graphic designer & web/mobile developer. I participate in a lot of hackathons & I like going to concerts in my free time.


Flex | VT Hacks III

This spring at Virginia Tech, we created an account budgeting application for Capital One account holders to help you see exactly where you are spending by seperately indexing your statments based on specific purchase categories. Traditional bank and credit card statements inform you of your past expenditures. These documents provide no deep understanding of the way you spend your money. Flex is not a bank statement, it's your new personal advisor.

Capital One | Uber One-Click Experience

This summer at Capital One we were able to partner with Uber to create a brand new experience for Capital One card holders to sign up for Uber to receive up to 20% cashback for every Uber ride.

more recent projects

These are projects from Internships/Hackathons.